Brian Burkhart - President & Chief Word Guy at SquarePlanet

September 12, 2016

Brian Burkhart is the Founder and President at SquarePlanet. Brian’s other official title is Chief Word Guy - you might be wondering what that means. Well, Brian is a master at storytelling. In this episode, Brian shares his wisdom and expertise on the most important elements to include in every message you share, whether it’s a sales presentation, keynote speech, a company vision or a fundraising pitch. Brian also shares his passion for why he believes it’s so important in today’s business world to stand out from the crowd, make waves and plant a flag for what you believe in. If you enjoy listening to people with a sharp wit, a healthy dose of sarcasm, an off-the-charts sense of humor and wicked brilliance, you will fall in love with this episode with Brian Burkhart.

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